H. Julius Bohlmann e.K

Family-owned since 1910
International agency serving the following industries
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Extraction
  • Tea
  • Foodstuff



  • Medicinal herbs
  • Culinary herbs
  • Spicy herbs

    and the corresponding parts of the plants e.g.
  • leaves
  • flowers
  • peels
  • fruits/seeds
  • barks and roots

  • Settlement of business

    Raw materials are only mediated from company representations whose capacities are well-known to me.
    After successful conclusions I issue my contract note in which the agreements are fixed in writing.
    The buyers then receive the deliveries from the respective supplier directly and they are paying directly as well.
    My mediation is not only limited in agenting the raw materials.
    I also include detailed recommendations for the customer about the productive capacity of the suppliers.
    That way it is ensured that the requirements of the customers are covered by the suppliers.
    Vice versa the suppliers are informed about the profile of requirement of the customers.
    Furthermore I give recommendations and informations about market-tendencies.